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March 2012
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Strategic Planning

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2012 seems to be the year of strategic planning and transformation. Having survived the biggest global recession since the 1930s, many organizations are figuring out the new rules for being successful in new world of work. Organizations across the globe are using Strategic Planning as a way to get to grips with new trends that are impacting their businesses. From new technologies, to customers demanding lower prices and increased value, to shifting competitor and industry trends, organizations need to find a way to balance the expectations of all of their stakeholders as they prepare for their future.

In this newsletter, read the articles: "Developing a strategic plan" on the role of the CEO in strategic planning, and our latest blog post "When they say strategic planning, what do they really want?"

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Developing a strategic plan?

The CEO's role in strategic planning

Think back to your last strategic planning session. Was it powerful, exciting and creative? Did your team get fully involved in the process? Did you all come away with a common vision that you can use to guide your every day decisions? Or, did you come away from the workshop feeling disappointed and cheated. Perhaps you hired an expensive consultant, and he/she failed to deliver what was promised.

If you've ever experienced a less than satisfactory strategy workshop, read on. Find out what makes some strategy sessions fail, and some work. But more importantly learn what you as a leader can do, to ensure the success of your own strategic planning workshop.

This article points out the warning signs that can make the difference between success and failure of a strategic planning process.

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Our latest Blog Post

When they say strategic planning, what do they really want?

Strategic Planning is one of those nebulous words that can mean so many different things. When I am approached to help an organization with 'strategic planning', my first task is to determine what they mean by 'strategic planning.'

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