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  • Winning-The-Game-of-Change


    Winning the game of change. A game used to develop a change management strategy or plan. Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization.

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    Who uses this tool

    Winning the Game of Change’ is a participative planning game that is used by change consultants, leaders, OD professionals, strategists and project leaders in the following ways:
    To plan the people side of implementing a change in an organization. This change could be:

    • A new vision or strategy.
    • A project, cultural change, system or technology. 
    • A change in thinking or paradigm.
    • Planning to rebuild an organisation after a merger or takeover.
    • Developing an organizational development or change management strategy for an organization, an enterprise or a project.

    To add practical tools and excitement to change management or OD methodologies they may have already invested in. Winning the Game of Change provides "THE HOW" that many other change management methodologies and templates leave out. 

    What it is

    Winning the Game of Change’ is a change management or organizational development planning tool in the form of a game. It is used for developing a comprehensive change management strategy for an organization, a region, a division or a project. It can be used to plan the implementation of a new organizational strategy, change the culture of an organization, develop an OD plan for an organization or ensure a project will be implemented successfully. Based on best practices of successful change management, OD and strategy implementation, ‘Winning the Game of Change’ provides a step by step approach - in the form of a participative planning game. 

    Groups work through 8 stages to develop their change management strategy, which is recorded on a laminated chart. The stages are:

    1. Choose your team.
    2. Develop a game plan.
    3. Develop a training plan.
    4. Create positive experiences.
    5. Check progress.
    6. Remove barriers to success.
    7. Create heroes.
    8. Win and create memories of success.

    Whilst playing the game of change, they can also incorporate rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence into their plan, by picking up the head, heart and soul cards and following their instructions at any point in the game.

    64 practical cards 

    Winning the Game of Change comes with a set of 64 cards containing practical strategies, OD interventions and tips that the group could incorporate into their change strategy. Groups read through the cards and choose those which apply to their change or project. Or they use the practical ideas in the cards to stimulate their own thinking about practical things they can do in their organization to make their change work.

    Click on the thumbnail pictures under the main picture to see examples of the cards and the wealth of practical experience you can get from them.

    Experience at your fingertips.

    Winning the Game of Change comes with a set of cards containing practical strategies, OD interventions, tips and success stories for every aspect required to develop a change management strategy, OD plan, or implementation plan. These cards were developed by Ruth Tearle who has over 20 years experience in strategy, strategy implementation, Organizational Development and change management. By working through these cards in sequence, and applying a bit of creativity, your team will be surprised by how easy it is to develop a powerful change strategy, implementation plan or OD strategy.

    Get buy-in. Get results.

    At the start of any project, get all the stakeholders together to play ‘Winning the Game of Change.’ Get everyone to understand what must be done by every stakeholder, to ensure you all get the results you want.

    ‘Winning the Game of Change’ is a powerful planning game that is great for getting participation from different stakeholders. It is also a tool for getting buy-in, defining roles and planning the implementation of any complex change.

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    Reviews of this product:

    Pinky Luwaca commented. 5 out of 5 stars
    For the first time today we used  our "Winning the Game of Change."  What a useful tool.The HR/OD team used this to plan an project. We first clarified the purpose of the discussion and we were all clear about what needed to be achieved. We also ensured that we had all the relevant people who would add value to the process there. As a group we took ownership of the process in a sense that we all had to apply our minds. We discussed who we think should be in the project team, tactics to use etc. There was a lot of debate in some areas and less in others.With the assistance of the cards we managed to fill in all the blocks on the chart. What was exciting was to see the creativity.The tool also allows those who are not vocal to be able to voice their opinions and ideas which I found very fascinating.From my side it is the first time that I felt confident in drafting a change strategy.

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