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The danger of reinforced ignorance.

Ruth Tearle - Thursday, January 15, 2015

How often have you sat bored at dinner parties, or in organizational meetings, listening to people complaining about the same things over and over again.

  • “There is a dearth of effective leadership in government.”
  • “Why can’t they get it right?”
  • “They are not dealing with the real issue which is…”

And so they talk about issues like the economy, energy, water, health care, infrastructure, electricity and unemployment, repeating outdated opinions they have heard  from someone else.

They make statements about what is happening outside of their homes and organizations without backing them up with reading or research.

We need to research what is changing in the world around us.

How many of us take time each year to read about what is actually happening in the world?

A lack of reading, research and thinking means we spread around our ignorance, reinforcing it over and over again, until like a myth, it becomes an undeniable truth.  
We have become lazy in our thinking.

How many of us actually do research on the issues we talk so passionately about?

A lack of reading, research and thinking means we spread around our ignorance, reinforcing it over and over again, until like a myth, it becomes an undeniable truth.  We have become lazy in our thinking.

There is a danger of making decisions which are not based on research.

We then base our personal and leadership decisions on those myths. When our strategies don’t bring in the results we expected, or our customers complain about our products or services – we  look to blame someone for our problems. We blame the  customers who expect too much. Or the government, or the economy that prevents us from being successful.

Strategic research is not a once off activity.

Every six months we at Change Designs research trends that are likely to impact on organizations. We spend hundreds of hours reading the latest articles and research on trends in the political, social, economic, technological and business environments. We then summarize and present the research in an attractive easy to use format that encourages people to think.

We have been doing this trend research for over 20 years. Up till 10 years ago, we would update our research every 2 years. Now we have found that because of the speed of change and innovation in the world, we need to update our trends at least every 6 months if not more.

Strategic research stimulates creative ideas.

By sharing our knowledge of well researched trends, meetings with leaders, and dinner time conversations become stimulating and inspiring – rather than boring.

Using the latest trend research at strategic planning and innovation workshops makes it easy for delegates to come up with innovative and exciting ideas on how to add value to their organizations.

It seems so obvious. Knowledge is power. Knowledge about how the world is changing provides us with an advantage over those who simply repeat outdated ignorance over and over again. Yet if it is so obvious, why don’t more people gain the knowledge they need to prepare themselves for a future world?

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